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Welcome to the new Aquatic Central online store. Aquatic Central has a brick and mortar retail location in San Francisco, Ca and also we strive to making our great selection available online again soon. Here at Aquatic Central we specialize in a handful niches - Cherry, Collector and LE Corals - Freshwater Plants, Decor and Planted Tank Fish - High End Flowerhorns and Masterpiece Flowerhorns - Freshwater Predatory and Oddball Fish - All types of Marine Fish, ranging from Nano Fish, Predators to Rare Reef Fish.

Aquatic Central is also the premiere Aquarium Maintenance Company in the Bay Area. The maintenance division is led by the Owner, Chris, through his years of running all types of systems both in-store and for clients. Aquatic Central conducts consulting, design and Aquarium Maintenance in the San Francisco Bay Area so please feel free to inquire about your aquarium needs and thanks for visiting our page.